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09 07

Mẫu dịch tờ khai thuế GTGT tiếng Anh

ERA hân hạnh cung cấp đến quý khách mẫu dịch tờ khai thuế GTGT tiếng Anh làm tư liệu tham khảo.

Ngoài dịch thuật tờ khai thuế tiếng Anh, ERA còn thực hiện dịch thuật hóa đơn, phiếu thu, phiếu chi, dịch thuật GPKD, dịch thuật báo cáo tài chính sang nhiều ngôn ngữ phổ biến khác nhau như: tiếng Nhật, tiếng Hàn, tiếng Trung …

Liên hệ ngay với ERA để nhận được báo giá dịch thuật tốt nhất !



(For taxpayers applied deductive method)

[01] Tax period: xxx

[02] First time:   [X]             [03] The supplementation time: [ ]


[05] Tax code: 

[06] Address: 

[07] District:                                 [08] Province/City: 

[09] Tel:                                     [10] Fax:                               [11] E-mail:

[12] Tax agent (if any):

[13] Tax code:                                                                                                                    

[14] Address:

[15] District:                                                          [16]    Province/ City:

[17] Tel:                                                                 [18]    Fax:                            [19] E-mail:

[20] Agent contract No.:                                    Date:

Currency: VND

No. Item Value of Goods and services (Excluding tax)


A No arise trading activities in the period  (mark “X”) [21] []
B Deductive VAT forwarded from previous period   [22]
C Declaring VAT payable to State’s budget
I Input goods and services in the period  
1 Value and VAT of input goods and services [23]  [24]
2 Total VAT deducted in in the period    [25]
II Output goods and services in the period  
1 Output goods and services not subject to VAT [26]  
2 Output goods and services subject to VAT ([27]=[29]+[30]+[32]+[32a]; [28]=[31]+[33] [27] [28]
a Output goods and services under tax rate of 0% [29] 0  
b Output goods and services under tax rate of 5% [30] 0 [31] 0
c Output goods and services under tax rate of 10% [32] [33]
d Non-taxable output goods and services [32a] 0  
3 Total turnover and VAT of output goods and services ([34]=[26]+[27]; [35]=[28]) [34] [35]
III VAT arising in term ([36]=[35]-[25]) [36]
IV Adjusting VAT increase, decrease in previous periods  
1 Incremental adjustment [37] 0
2 Decremental adjustment [38] 0
V Total VAT paid of revenue of extra-provincial construction,  installation, sales [39] 0
VI Determination of the payable in the period :
1 VAT payable for business activities in the period  (if [40a]=[36]-[22]+[37]-[38]-[39]>0) [40a] 0
2 VAT on purchase of investment projects (the same province or city under central authority) are offset with VAT payable for business operations in the period   [40b] 0
3 Remaining VAT payable in the period  ([40]=[40a]-[40b]) [40] 0
4 VAT not fully deducted in the period  (if ([41]=[36]-[22]+[37]-[38]-[39]<0) [41]
4.1 Tax refund [42] 0
4.2 Deductible VAT forwarding to the next period  ([43]=[41]-[42]) [43]

I undertake that the statement above is true and correct and will be responsible with Laws on the declared information.


Full name:

Practice Certificate No.


April 30, 2017


 (Signature, full name, position and seal)

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